For a brand new nsfw Feferi piece, maybe you can do her and Vriska doing the do, but make it really sloppy and simple. Try really hard at not trying at all with this. Literally stare at your tablet and drool a little bit. I wanna see how simple you can make a thing for funsies.



They’re not having sex yet but a doodle’s still a doodle!

High Res/Full Size ver

who’s ready for an askblog update??

bcause i sure am

I’m in me roomie’s car

8room 8room

Get out me car >8/

Aw ::::(

Every8ody is getting sadsy today 8ut you don’t know true pain until Feferi 8eats you to the last slice of pizza.

65 pieces of clothing to remove? Just draw two pics, one of Feferi in this ornate fancy gown, and the other one just a skeleton where she's like "Welp..."

the skeletons are IN


For every (¬‿¬) I get my muse will remove a piece of clothing.


i finally finished her ;0;

a huge thank you to the lovely kim for taking the time to record the first four gifs for me!!
still ver of her is right here

Race headcanons for humanstuck Vriska and Feferi?

feferi is mixed race hispanic/black and vriska is malay!

We’d probably look somefin like t) (is, but ot) (erwise we’d still be pretty muc) ( t) (e same people!

Just without all the previous killing and maiming as well as horns, gray skin and differing 8lood colors of course!

I feel like you don't take any requests that don't include Feferi or Vriska being in a sexual situation.

I don’t know what your problem is man but I really cant tell what pisses me off more about this ask.
You acting like there’s anything wrong with me writing two girls who are of consenting age enjoying their sexualities or the fact that you seem angry over the fact that I possibly didn’t answer your ask (i have almost 300 asks in this blog’s inbox and this blog is for fun, I’m not about to try and force myself to answer every ask let alone ones that don’t appeal to me.)
But for a quick reference:

here’s  several  asks/replies  that  arent  sexual  at  all

Secondly I really don’t appreciate the fact that you took the time to send an ask like this at all, when the sidebar says that this blog is very likely to be nsfw, and I especially don’t appreciate it since i know you wouldn’t be saying a damn thing if this were an askblog for male characters.
Thirdly, there’s only been one nsfw ask answer on this blog so far, boner jokes or them just talking about their sex life isnt exactly what i would call a ‘sexual situation’.
What you choose to read and perceive as sexual isn’t my business, but don’t come whining to me because you’re sexualizing situations that aren’t inherently sexual.
And just for an even better comparison of just how bs this ask is: there are 24 sfw answers on this blog and only 1 legitimate nsfw answer (which barely even qualifies as nsfw either imho because they’re literally just in their panties).

Tl;dr: If you don’t like the content of this blog thats fine but you should really just unfollow instead of sending rude and borderline slut-shamey asks because whatever ask you sent didn’t get answered or whatever other bs reason you have for sending this. 


Alright, since we’re ) (alfway to our first follower milestone, we’ve interrupted our vacation to tell you all t) (at we’ve decided once we reac) ( 5k we’re going to celebrate by going on an Ancestor Quest!


It’ll 8asically just 8e a thing where we go 8ack and meet all twelve of these Ancestors in various situations and the like!
This will 8e the easiest way to answer your questions a8out them to some degree, and to also say thank you for 8ringing us to 5k when we reach it!

So if you want to send in some specific asks relating to whichever Ancestor you’re most interested a8out, along with a command or scenario, go for it!


We’ll 8e picking the ones we like 8est, or whichever ever ones show up the most. (Don’t just spam t) (e same ask t) (oug) (, because we’ll know!)

We start wit) ( t) (e ) (andmaid and w) (at will probably be a series of awkward and unfortunate encounters as we go up t) (e list, as soon as we reac) ( 5,000!


ey serket you an fef been doin anythin fun lately just do me a favvor an let your kinda fun get her injured in a permanent wway i knoww she can take care a herself but wwell someones gotta wwatch her back an it cant be me