2nack would be greatly appreciiated a2 well though.

Snacks are always the best way to ease out of a bad mood!
-Especially w) (en you get to eat t) (em wit) ( a frond during a movie marat) (on 38D!!

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also this blog is definitely accepting ‘trick or treat’ submissions, only canon askblogs will get a response tho since i dont have time for much else. 
i’ll probably draw a response for about 5-8 of them and post the responses in a photoset for the senders to see maybe??

idk y’all tell me if that sounds like a good idea  ??

I’m in me roomie’s car

8room 8room

Get out me car >8/

Aw ::::(

Every8ody is getting sadsy today 8ut you don’t know true pain until Feferi 8eats you to the last slice of pizza.

For every (¬‿¬) I get my muse will remove a piece of clothing.


i finally finished her ;0;

a huge thank you to the lovely kim for taking the time to record the first four gifs for me!!
still ver of her is right here

Race headcanons for humanstuck Vriska and Feferi?

feferi is mixed race hispanic/black and vriska is malay!

We’d probably look somefin like t) (is, but ot) (erwise we’d still be pretty muc) ( t) (e same people!

Just without all the previous killing and maiming as well as horns, gray skin and differing 8lood colors of course!


Alright, since we’re ) (alfway to our first follower milestone, we’ve interrupted our vacation to tell you all t) (at we’ve decided once we reac) ( 5k we’re going to celebrate by going on an Ancestor Quest!


It’ll 8asically just 8e a thing where we go 8ack and meet all twelve of these Ancestors in various situations and the like!
This will 8e the easiest way to answer your questions a8out them to some degree, and to also say thank you for 8ringing us to 5k when we reach it!

So if you want to send in some specific asks relating to whichever Ancestor you’re most interested a8out, along with a command or scenario, go for it!


We’ll 8e picking the ones we like 8est, or whichever ever ones show up the most. (Don’t just spam t) (e same ask t) (oug) (, because we’ll know!)

We start wit) ( t) (e ) (andmaid and w) (at will probably be a series of awkward and unfortunate encounters as we go up t) (e list, as soon as we reac) ( 5,000!


ey serket you an fef been doin anythin fun lately just do me a favvor an let your kinda fun get her injured in a permanent wway i knoww she can take care a herself but wwell someones gotta wwatch her back an it cant be me





Pro8a8ly wasn’t the 8est idea to assume we wouldn’t know anything em8arrassing a8out each other..